How to send files.

Send us your loved one’s obituary, photos, videos and other files for their Legacy Website below.

Finish your purchase.

To purchase your loved one’s Legacy Website for a one-time payment of $499, simply complete the brief form below, then click proceed to pay to safely and securely submit your one-time payment. Please be sure to check all of the features that you want activated on the site.

Check Your Desired Features:


How to send your photos and other files to us.

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Direct: Please follow these instructions if you are NOT working with a funeral home or funeral service provider: I. Complete the purchase of your new Legacy Website. II. Return to this section (after you’ve located all of your files and photos) then click the Request Link button below. III. Email us your loved one’s name and we will create a Google Drive folder (with their name). We will then email you a link granting you access to that folder (only). IV. Click on the Google Drive access link and upload your files.

NOTE: Please be sure to review the Required Files list before requesting a link below.

Funeral Homes: The process is very similar for funeral homes and service providers. Please click here for the best way to send client files, videos and photos to us safely.


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