Helping families celebrate the life and legacy of their loved ones.

With Legacy Websites, families can now celebrate the life and legacy of a deceased loved one with an elegant, personalized online experience.

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“Legacy Websites was created after the loss my beloved grandmother. I set out to create a custom, aesthetically-pleasing online environment to honor her life and legacy. And now you can do the same.”

William Black


© 2023 Legacy Websites by Pewple LLC.


What are Legacy Websites?

A Legacy Website is a first-of-its-kind online environment where family and friends can celebrate a deceased loved one’s life and legacy in an elegant and creative way. 

Each website includes: your loved one’s obituary, funeral service video, photo gallery, home videos, milestones, tributes, donation capability and more. A personalized domain name and password-protect feature are also included with each site.

© 2023 Legacy Websites by Pewple LLC.

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Each website includes useful features

Personalized Domain

If your loved one’s name is Joie Sims, their personalized website domain name will be

Password Protection

You can password-protect your loved one’s Legacy Website; whereby, visitors will need to input the password to access the website.

Online Obituary

Family and Friends can now access a digital copy of their loved one’s obituary if they ran out, or if they were unable to attend service.


This gives family and friends a safe and secure way to assist the immediate family of the deceased well-after the funeral services.


How to purchase a Legacy Website.

Simply complete the three quick steps below and your loved one’s Legacy Website will be completed within seven days after receipt of your required files.


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Everything you’ll ever need in one place.

Legacy Websites’ elegant and modern designs are engaging, mobile-responsive and loaded with features. Select an image below to learn more or view a live demo here.

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